Graduate Student Handbook

Repeating Courses and Retaking Courses for a New Grade

Repeating Courses for Credit

A few graduate courses (numbered 600 and above) are repeatable for credit. Examples include thesis research and courses that are approved via the curriculum review process as “repeatable for credit" (e.g. Special Topics classes).

Retaking Courses for a New Grade

With the exception of courses that are explicitly repeatable for credit (see above), graduate courses cannot be retaken unless approved by the primary advisor, program chair and Graduate Council Chair prior to registration. With the permission of the primary advisor and the graduate program chair, courses may be retaken, but not for additional credits. No more than two courses may be retaken, and no graduate level course may be retaken more than once during the student’s graduate career.

The grade received will be averaged with the previous grade in that course in computing the UH Hilo cumulative grade point average (GPA). For graduation purposes, however, a program grade point average may be computed which includes only the grades earned in the courses that are part of the student’s graduate program. A statement which specifies the recomputed program GPA will be reflected on the student’s academic records and transcript. Submit the completed Graduate Repeat Course Notification form to the Graduate Division, where the final signature will be obtained.