Graduate Student Handbook

Withdrawal from Graduate Program

Once classes begin, a student can withdraw from his/her last or only class via MyUH until the Last Day to Drop a Class Online with a "W". Please see the Academic Calendar for the appropriate corresponding date.

After the Last Day to Drop a Class Online with a "W", students must submit a Complete Withdrawal form and follow official procedures. Please be sure to review the Tuition and Fee Refunds schedule to determine the financial implications of doing a complete withdrawal.

For students who completely withdraw by the last day to withdraw without a "W", the courses will not be reflected on their transcript. Students who completely withdraw after that date will receive a “W” for each of the courses in progress at the time of withdrawal. See Academic Calendar for corresponding dates. Tuition and fees will be assessed according to the UH system policy.

Students may completely withdraw through the last day of instruction.

A student who completely withdrawals without an approved Leave of Absence must reapply for admissions. The student may be required to fulfill the requirements in force upon return to UH Hilo.

Withdrawal from classes may affect financial aid eligibility. See the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy in the UH Hilo Guide to Financial Aid.

Withdrawal may also negatively impact the Continuous Registration policy. For international students, student visas require that students be registered full time (6 credits in Fall and Spring; 3 credits in Summer, if the student chooses to attend classes in the summer), Withdrawal from courses may result in a failure to meet visa requirements. Please consult with the International Student Services director for more information prior to withdrawing from any courses.