Graduate Student Handbook

Incomplete Grades

An instructor may assign an Incomplete (I) grade when a student has done most of the course work satisfactorily, but because of unforeseen circumstances has not completed all course requirements. The Incomplete is not for the purpose of converting a failing grade, or unsatisfactory work, to a passing grade. The student must request the Incomplete option from the instructor, but it is the instructor’s decision as to whether it is appropriate or not.

Graduate students who are given a grade of “I” must complete the coursework before the due date listed in the University Academic Calendar. “I” grades that are not completed by this due date automatically are converted into “NC” grades. The instructor may set a deadline sooner than that listed in the University Academic Calendar, reflecting the instructor’s availability to extend his/her commitment beyond the course. The instructor, however, cannot extend the due date unless granted a specific waiver by the college Dean.

Some departments and programs may have more restrictive policies regarding incomplete grades. Students should confer with their academic advisors concerning departmental rules and expectations.

The incomplete policy has specific implications for students receiving tuition scholarships and other kinds of financial aid and for international students holding visas. Graduate students who receive federal or state aid may lose their eligibility if they receive Incompletes. See the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

All courses taken by graduate students are subject to the above policy. Incomplete grades must be resolved before students can receive a graduate degree.