Student Health and Wellness Programs

Student Health and Wellness Resources

Here at Student Health and Wellness, our goal is to provide students with the best resources available to maximize the enjoyment and stability of their journey at UH Hilo and beyond. Within this page, you will find a multitude of resources that are accessible to any and all UH Hilo students.

Programs & Services Available at UH Hilo

Programs are a great resource for students to seek both academic and life assistance, learn about themselves and their community, and gain some mental clarity. Resources such as a Campus Center and the Student Life Center also give students the opportunity to take a step away from academics and stress, with dining options, the student gym, the pool, and a number of other outlets available to all students. Feel free to browse through the links below!

Cultural Resources

Maintaining a strong relationship and healthy understanding of your culture can be a huge aid with general mental health. Take a look at the links below to access resources on the local history and heritage of Hilo and the Hilo community!

Wellness Resources

It’s always important to look after both your own wellness and the wellness of those around you. There are a number of free, easily accessible wellness resources available to all members of the UH Hilo community. Ranging from screenings to mental health assistance, feel free to access these resources via the links below.

Campus Policy

Here at UH Hilo, we have a number of important campus policies that are in place to preserve both the health and safety of the campus community. Attached below are a few of the relevant campus policies related to Student Health and Wellness.