University Housing

Housing Updates & FAQ's


When will I receive my housing assignment?

University Housing anticipates that fall housing assignment will be issued in early July.

Are students who have applied for fall housing being notified that they can expect to receive an assignment in early July?

Yes. University Housing will send students who have applied for fall housing a memo with new fall housing updates prior to being notified of their placement.

If I’m unable to attend UH Hilo due to travel bans, will I get a full refund?

University Housing’s Refund Policy can be found here: Cancellations & Refund Procedures

When is the latest date I can cancel my housing assignment and receive a full refund?

University Housing’s Refund Policy can be found here: Cancellations & Refund Procedures

Will students be placed in the dorms according to social distancing rules?

Yes. University Housing will be aligned with CDC guidelines and guidelines set by the university when determining student housing assignments. These guidelines also include social distancing practices within the University Housing and Residence Life program.

When are the payment deadlines?

Full Room and Meal Plan Payment Deadline for those assigned a space for fall 2020 is: July 24th, 2020 by 4:00pm

How will students be informed/educated about policies and practices that may be in place (e.g., regarding social distancing, masks) in the residence halls when they arrive/check in to the residence halls in the fall? Will any information about this be provided to them prior to their arrival?

University Housing will continue to send communication out to students prior to the day they check in to housing. Students assigned for fall will also receive a Move In Guide prior to the week of check in that will include information regarding physical and social distancing in our residence hall community.

University Housing staff will also host virtual community meetings during the first week of classes.

If some students (e.g., students traveling from outside the State) are required to be in quarantine when the fall semester begins, will there be an option for them to arrive earlier than the check-in date so that they can start the quarantine process before the first day of instruction? If so, will there be a charge? How will students who have to be in quarantine eat?

Details regarding student quarantine prior to fall move in and reopening is still yet to be determined. University Housing is not responsible for determining these quarantine details. However, University Housing is prepared to provide support to students who are in quarantine.

Are you still doing the room selection lottery/raffle?

Unfortunately due to the impact COVID19, University Housing will not be conducting a Room Selection process for the fall 2020 semester.

When can I choose roommates?

Students will be able to select their roommates by accessing the Housing Application for fall 2020. Please note that roommate requests must be mutual between persons submitting a preferred roommate request.

Can I still apply for Fall 2020 housing?

Yes. Students can still apply for fall 2020 housing.

I heard that students are now required to have a health clearance requirement to live in on campus housing. Is this true?

Yes. Students who are 16 to 21 years of age who apply to live on campus for the first time will be required to have the Meningococcal Vaccine before they can move into their assigned room. Students who do not clear this requirement will not be allowed to check in until this requirement has been cleared.

If a student does not have their MCV vaccination before they are assigned, will the student not be assigned to housing in the fall?

Students who apply for fall housing will be assigned to housing in the fall. Students who do not have their MCV vaccination prior to move will NOT be allowed to check into their fall housing assignment.

If a student is quarantined in their room, how do their meals work? Who checks on the student?

If it is determined that University Housing must designate an area for quarantine rooms, University Housing staff will resume meal service to students in quarantine. University Housing will also assume responsibility to conduct wellness checks during the students duration of their quarantine period.

Do students who are returning to campus from an off island (Hawai’i Island) location be required to quarantine when they return to campus?

It depends on the location where the student is returning from:

- Beginning June 16th, locals will be able to travel inter-island without having to quarantine for two weeks.

- At this time, person’s who travel from the continent and/or from international countries will still be required to quarantine.

If I need to be quarantined when I return back to campus, will meals be included while I am in quarantine?

While details are still being determined for fall 2020, if it is decided that students will be quarantined on campus, University Housing will coordinate meals with the student and dining services vendor on campus.


Will Summer Housing be available even if all summer courses offered in summer session I are online?

Yes. Students may request summer housing by submitting confirmation of the summer class they are registered in along with a letter of explanation and/or letter of support as to why summer housing is needed when summer session I is online.Summer Housing requests should be emailed to University Housing’s main office at and must be approved by the Director of University Housing or its designee.

When will Summer Housing Applications be available?

Summer Housing Applications are now available for Summer Session I and Summer Session II upon request. Students must be approved by University Housing BEFORE applications are processed.

How do I apply for Summer Housing?

Contact University Housing at 808.932.7403 or send an email to to request information on how to apply for summer housing.

Can I apply for Summer Housing for summer session I and summer session II?

All current/continuing students may apply for summer session I and summer session II. All Summer Housing requests should be emailed to University Housing at and must be approved by the Director of Housing.

What are the rental rates for summer housing?

Summer rental rates are listed below:

UHH Session I & II: May 16 to August 1 (Cost: $1,574.65)
UHH Session I: May 16 to June 20 (Cost: $715.75)
UHH Session II: June 21 to August 1 (Cost: $838.45)

When can I expect to be billed for summer housing?

Applicants will receive a billing statement within 5 business days of submitting their application.

The date for summer housing rentals ends on August 1. What happens after August 1 for students who wish to continue residing in the residence halls? What are the rates for the period between August 1 and the fall semester check-in date?

Students who have confirmed fall 2020 housing assignments will transition from their summer assignment to interim housing prior to transitioning to their fall 2020 assignment. Students will be charged during this interim period. Please note that University Housing will not be responsible for providing meals during this transition period.

Fall Interim Session I: August 2 to August 8 (Cost: $122.70)
Fall Interim Session II: August 9 to August 17 (Cost: TBA)

Is University Housing utilizing CDC guidelines and social distancing when determining summer housing room assignment process?

In order to follow social distancing guidelines, each resident will be assigned to a single apartment in Hale Ikena.

Where is summer housing located?

All summer housing residents will be assigned to Hale Ikena.

Can I stay in my residence hall unit in ‘Alahonua all summer and use the community kitchen to prepare my own meals?

No, all summer housing residents must relocate to Hale Ikena.

Is face masks/face coverings required in the residence community?

To reduce exposure, residents are advised to be in the practice of wearing face masks/face coverings while in the residence community.