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FQ: Quantitative Reasoning 2018-Current

3 credits

Foundations Requirement

Quantitative Reasoning courses develop mathematical reasoning skills at the college level. Students apply mathematical concepts to the interpretation and analysis of quantifiable information in order to solve a wide range of problems arising in pure and applied research in specific disciplines, professional settings, and/or daily life.

This is different than the 3 credit Quantitative Reasoning (GQR) Requirement which is a UH Hilo Structural Requirement and has course alphas other than MATH.

Select one:

  • MATH┬á100 Survey Of Math (3)
  • MATH┬á111 MS Office Tools for Math & Sci (3)
  • MATH┬á121 Intro Stats & Prob (3)
  • MATH┬á125 Applied Calculus (3)
  • MATH┬á135 Precalc: Elementary Functions (3)
  • MATH┬á140 Precalc:Trig/Analytic Geometry (3)
  • MATH┬á140X Precalculus (4)
  • MATH┬á241 Calculus I (4) (Formerly offered as MATH 205 prior to Fall 2018)
  • MATH┬á242 Calculus II (4) (Formerly offered as MATH 206 prior to Fall 2018)
  • MATH┬á243 Calculus III (3) (Formerly offered as MATH 231 prior to Fall 2018)