The UH Hilo School of Education provides pre-service and in-service teachers with high quality, integrated, inquiry-and field-based professional development; serves as a resource to area educators who are meeting the challenges of teaching in a culturally rich, technologically advanced society; and conducts as well as guide action research to expand knowledge of teaching and learning.

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UH Hilo School of Education
The Heart of Our Learning Community

Our Degrees and Campus


The School of Education offers two academic programs for undergraduate students — (1) a four-year degree program and (2) an 18-credit certificate program. The four-year degree program is the Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies (BAES). The 18-credit certificate program is in Educational Studies (Academic Certificate in Education Studies—ACES). More details about the academic programs are provided below.

Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies (BAES)

The Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies is a high-quality, face-to-face, place-based, nationally-accredited, four-year undergraduate degree program.

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Advisor for BAES students: Dr. Tobias Irish
Undergraduate Education Courses

Educational Studies (Academic Certificate in Educational Studies—ACES)

The undergraduate Educational Studies certificate (ACES) is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the theories, methodologies, tools, and issues that shape the field of education. The ACES is a non-degree certificate program designed for students who major in other disciplines.

The core courses in the ACES program provide students with a background in educational foundations and educational psychology. The elective courses allow students to select from a wide variety of educational content areas.

Students must complete 18 credits of approved ACES courses to earn the Educational Studies certificate. A list of approved courses is provided in the catalog link below.

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BEducational Studies (ACES) Advisor: Ms. Colby McNaughton
Undergraduate Education Courses


The School of Education offers two different graduate-level degree programs—(1) the Master of Arts in Teaching degree program for those who wish to become teachers and (2) the Master of Education degree program those who are already teachers and wish to earn an advanced degree in their field, as well as Teacher Leader licensure.

Master of Arts in Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree program is designed for graduate students who have an earned bachelors degree and wish to become licensed classroom teachers. During the first year of the MAT degree program, graduate students earn 30 graduate credits through coursework designed to prepare them for teacher licensure through the Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board . During the second year of the MAT degree program, graduate students earn 6 graduate credits through coursework that facilitates an action research project conducted in their own classrooms.

Special Note: If you plan to enter the MAT program, please see a School of Education advisor during your undergraduate studies or as soon as possible, as there may be prerequisite courses you must complete prior to admission, depending upon your area of teacher licensure.

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MAT Advisor for Secondary Education Track: Dr. Diane Barrett
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Graduate Education Courses

Master of Education

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree program is designed for graduate students who are already teaching in public, public charter, or private schools in Hawaii and wish to earn both a graduate degree and Teacher Leader licensure through the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board. The Master of Education is a two-year, 30-credit degree program.

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Master of Education Advisor: Dr. Margary Martin
M.Ed. Cohort Application Checklist
Graduate Education Courses

UH Hilo also offers the Kahuawaiola Indigenous Teacher Education Program for preparing mauli ola Hawaiʻi teachers.


The School of Education envisions its future as the heart of a learning community of caring, ethical, and creative people as faculty seek to fulfill the following mission: The purpose of the School of Education is to promote excellence in teaching and learning. The School fosters the professional vitality of reflective, caring educational practitioners who inspire students to recognize and act upon their power to positively transform both local and global environments.


The School of Education strives to fulfill the following goals.

  • Teaching and learning are holistic endeavors.
  • Empathy between self and others is an essential aspect of a pedagogical relationship.
  • Effective teaching embraces artistic ideals.
  • Excellence follows a rigorous path.
  • Teachers are change agents capable of transforming the environments in which they work.

Student Experiences in Our Programs

Students learn in and out of the classroom, on and off campus, applied learning experiences and career placement.

MAT Cohort 1MAT Cohort 1

MAT Cohort 2MAT Cohort 2

MAT Cohort 3MAT Cohort 3

MAT Cohort 4MAT Cohort 4

MAT Cohort 5MAT Cohort 5

Our Faculty and Staff

We are your academic ʻohana. We teach the vast majority of courses, using best practices from education research.

Clint K.P. Anderson
Clint K.P. Anderson
Assistant Professor, School of Education
Diane Barrett
Diane Barrett
Professor, Education
Michele M. Ebersole
Michele M. Ebersole
Professor, Education
Tobias Irish
Tobias Irish
Director, School of Education; Associate Professor, Education
Margary Martin
Margary Martin
Associate Professor, Education
Judith McDonald
Judith McDonald
Instructor, Education
Colby McNaughton
Colby McNaughton
Instructor, Education
Janet “Jan” Ray
Janet “Jan” Ray
Professor, Education
Madeline Sehna
Madeline Sehna
Office Assistant IV

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