M.A. in Heritage Management

First Anthropology MA program CohortThe first Heritage Management cohort along with members of the Anthropology faculty

The Heritage Management program primarily addresses heritage issues affecting Hawaiʻi and the Pacific, with a focus on archaeological heritage, traditional cultural properties, and cultural impact assessments. The program complements UH Mānoa graduate programs offered in Applied Archaeology and the graduate certificate in Historic Preservation . The M.A. in Heritage Management is for students who seek careers in a multitude of governmental agencies, private-sector consulting firms, and in education, who work with the interpretation and preservation of cultural heritage.

One major benefit of having such a program in Hilo is that it will reach a somewhat different pool of descendant community members who can then gain leadership positions within consulting firms, community organizations, and county, state and federal positions related to heritage management. Without the M.A. program, many UH Hilo students end up working with B.A. degrees for existing firms, but state regulations bar them from obtaining leadership positions in those organizations unless they obtain a graduate degree.

Admissions to the program are currently made every other year in the Fall semesters on odd years (2023, 2025, 2027...). For more information on admission, please see the Admissions Guide

Please contact Dr. Peter Mills for more information.

Program Requirements