Institutional Accreditation

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Technically a Distance Learning Program

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Contact: Psychology Department Chair

Degree Level: Baccalaureate

Enrollments Fall 2012-Present: While the PSY BA DL program was in place, it operated at full capacity of 33 students out of 355 majors: 12 from Maui County, 12 from Kauai, and 9 from West Hawaiʻi. When a student completed the program or otherwise left, another student was admitted. No students were added to the PSY BA DL-program after Spring 2011. At the end of the Spring 2013, three students remained in the PSY BA DL-Program. The Psychology Department continues to support these students to their degree completion.

Brief History of the BA in Psychology as a DL Program: The Psychology Department began accepting students from Kaua'i, Maui County (Including Lānaʻi and Molokaʻi), and West Hawaiʻi into its BA distance learning program in Fall 2002. In Spring 2011, UH Hilo was informed that the Psychology BA DL-Program should have undergone substantive change review before it began accepting students. The Psychology Department stopped accepting students into its BA DL-Program, as required by WASC, as it underwent substantive change review. The Department chose to close the DL-Only program, and open all online classes to both on- and off-campus students. The program was approved by WASC in April 2012.

Platforms for Delivery: Except for one course offered via the Hawaii Interactive Television System some years ago, all online Psy courses are delivered primarily on Laulima, the UH system's online learning management system.

Integration of Online Students into the Life/Culture of UH Hilo: As noted above, the department does not distinguish among the categories of students in its online courses. Because online courses fill rapidly during registration by declared majors, who are largely pus students, it is presumed that most students are on-campus students with full access to campus activities.

Campus Support for Instructional Technology: UH Hilo Distance Learning Team, which maintains the UH Hilo Distance Learning Essentials Webpage and provides a full range of technological services to support programs, as well as faculty workshops during the academic year. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs offers online and one-on-one faculty training in online course development and delivery.

The University's Strategic Plan 2011-2015 includes priority actions 3.2 "Upgrade the university’s technology infrastructure including computer laboratories and classrooms, wireless broadband across all areas of the campus, and new technologies to better support student learning, teaching effectiveness, and research"; and 4.5 "Improve higher education access, outreach and support for non-traditional and underserved populations through, but not limited to, select, high-quality distance learning programs island-wide and beyond...."

Student Services and Library Services Available to Program Students: The Division of Student Affairs offers online and on-campus students a full range of services; all offices are accessible by phone and email, and all offices have information-rich webpages. The Moʻokini Library provides both face-to-face and online assistance to students in use of both print and digital resources.

Faculty Participation in Curriculum Development, Teaching, and Assessment: All online Psychology courses are developed, taught, and assessed by the faculty in the Psychology Department.

Program Assessment: Learning Outcomes, Curriculum Map, Assessment Plan, Assessment Results: The BA in Psychology has a fully developed assessment system in place, specifically an assessment plan and a curriculum map.

Comparability of Online and Face-to-Face Courses: Most courses were developed initially as face-to-face courses and, when offered online, are taught by the same faculty with the same course content and student learning outcomes. Some courses are taught exclusively online.

Retention and Graduation Rates: Retention and graduation data were maintained and monitored. The data indicate that the program was successful in retaining and graduating students.

Contracts, Memoranda of Agreement with External Organizations: While the Psychology BA DL-Program was offered as a statewide DL degree program, it was supported by the UH system's University Centers on Maui and Kauai and in West Hawaiʻi. The mission of those Centers is to support distance-delivered degree programs for students in their service areas, so no MOAs were required.