Long Range Budget Planning Committee

Purpose and Composition


This committee provides:

  1. broad input to the Chancellor and Chancellor Cabinet regarding budget criteria,
  2. strategies for obtaining additional university budget resources,
  3. long range strategic planning for budget, and;
  4. suggestions for methods of budget communication.

This committee assists the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs in communicating information regarding current budget status, budget process for upcoming years, and budget information that impacts the UH Hilo campus with a goal of achieving transparency and providing user friendly information.

Members of this committee shall be required to:

  1. maintain a university wide viewpoint,
  2. be willing to look at strategies for developing more efficiencies,
  3. be collegial in their discussions, and;
  4. have a long range budget planning perspective.

Meeting Schedule

Meeting schedules will be posted on the LRBPC web site with email notification going out to members.


Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs


  • Vice Chancellor, Administrative Affairs
  • Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
  • Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
  • Academic Affairs Representatives (3)
  • Academic Affairs Faculty (5)
  • Hanakahi Council (1)
  • Student Affairs
  • Representatives (2)
  • Administrative Affairs Representative
  • Chancellor’s Area Representative
  • Director, Budget
  • Chair, Faculty Congress or Designee
  • Student Representative
  • University Relations Representative


September 12, 2007


September 12, 2014


Additional Resources: Director, Facilities, Planning and Construction; Director, Auxiliary Services; Director, Human Resources; and other Resources as needed

Support Staff

Administrative Secretary III, Administrative Affairs

Members (FY 2016-17)

Vice Chancellor, Administrative Affairs
Marcia Sakai
Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
Matthew Platz
Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Gail Makuakane-Lundin
Academic Affairs Representatives (3)
Drew Martin
Susan Brown
Bruce Mathews
Academic Affairs Faculty (5)
Hanakahi Council (1)
Lei Kapono
Student Affairs Representatives (2)
Tim Moore
Kula Oda
Administrative Affairs Representative
Kolin Kettleson
Chancellor’s Area Representative
Director, Budget
Lois Fujiyoshi
Chair, Faculty Congress or Designee
Student Representative
Melinda Ailes
University Relations Representative
Jerry Chang