UH Hilo Content Management System

Directory Related Short Codes

There are several ways that CMS pages can reference information in the UH Hilo Phone Directory. These include Directory Tooltips, Directory Cards, and Contact Blocks.


When referring to a faculty or staff member, or an office, it can be helpful to provide contact details. This can be done by using a tooltip. In the CMS, this appears as the [​[DIRECTORY id=REGISTR link-text="Office of the Registrar"]] shortcode. The required id should be set to a number for individual, or to an abbreviation (in capital letters) for CMS offices/programs/departments.

Example of a tooltip, showing contact details on hover / tap

Location of Directory Lookup button To find an individual's directory ID, use the directory tooltip lookup button, with the . This will insert the [​[DIRECTORY id=123 link-text="Person’s Name"]] shortcode for the matched individuals. To link to an office, please View the available office abbreviations.

The link-text attribute is optional but strongly recommended. If none is provided, the full name from the directory will be displayed. Sometimes, it may be preferred to refer to an individual by position, or to use a shortened version of their name.

screenshot showing rendered directory tooltip shortcodesWithout link-text, a persons name is displayed exactly as in the directory. Provided link text will show instead of the directory name

Contact Blocks

Almost every page on the UH Hilo website includes a contact block, providing contact details for a person or office associated with the page.

To create a contact block, the use the shortcode [​[CONTACT-BLOCK id=123 name="Firstname Lastname"]] or [​[CONTACT-BLOCK id=XYZ name="Affiliation Name"]]. A numeric id=123 corresponds to an individual's directory entry - the same number that would be used for a directory tooltip. Alternatively, provide an affiliation code in the format id=XYZ to create a contact block for a department, office, or program.

Generated Contact block for the Student Support Services Program

For Example:
[​[DIRECTORY id=HR link-text="Human Resources]]

Human Resources

For Example:
[​[CONTACT-BLOCK id=HR name="Human Resources"]]


Contact Human Resources
(808) 932-7626
(808) 932-7663
Auxiliary Services Building (AUX), Room 106
Human Resources Website
Human Resources
University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo
200 W. Kāwili St.
Hilo, HI 96720-4091

Directory Cards

Many faculty or staff office pages are setup to display contact information that is found in the UH Hilo Phone Directory. This is easily done in the CMS page using the DIRECTORY-CARDS shortcode. The shortcode pulls staff information for a department or a specific group of individuals from the directory.

Including Department Staff

If your goal is to simply list all of the staff in a department or office, the directory affiliation code is all you need.

The shortcode [​[DIRECTORY-CARDS id="POLSDEPT" template="directory-cards"]] will retrieve everyone with the POLSDEPT affiliation, and list them in alphabetical order. Substitute another directory affiliation code in the id="______" field to see the members of that department.

Screenshot of generated Directory Cards for the Political Science Department faculty page

Including Specific Individuals

Sometimes, it is preferable to list individuals in a specific order (i.e. seniority), or to include people from different departments (i.e. an interdisciplinary committee).

This can also be done with directory cards, by using a list of numeric ids in the shortcode, in the format ids="123,456,789".

[​[DIRECTORY-CARDS ids="687,1212,1668,2143" template="directory-cards"]]

Screenshot of generated Directory Cards for Political Science Department faculty, in a specified order

To showcase only a single person, append the short=1 attribute.

[​[DIRECTORY-CARDS ids="1496" short=1]]

Single individual directory card