UH Hilo Content Management System

UH Hilo has its own Content Managment System, the UH Hilo CMS. Authorized users can login with their @hawaii.edu address to the CMS Dashboard, and edit pages within their designated areas of responsibility. The live https://hilo.hawaii.edu/ is not directly editable, although when a page is saved in the CMS, a copy of the information may also be published to this site.

Please Note: The URLs mentioned above are for the general UH Hilo website. Some departments and offices have their own instance of the UH Hilo CMS, with a separate address for the CMS dashboard. If you have questions about which URL to use to login to your site’s CMS, please contact Brennan Low .

Screenshot of the UH Hilo CMS

To request CMS access:

  1. You must be an authorized user with an active hawaii.edu email address to access the CMS.
  2. Please send an email indicating your affiliation, and which pages you would like to be able to edit.
  3. Access can be granted to folders, not individual pages (i.e. 'admissions/' or 'financialaid/'). If you don't know in which folder your project should live, or it does not exist, indicate so in your message.

Contact Brennan Low if you have any questions or to schedule training.

Using the CMS

Please view our expanding tutorial section for step by step guides for a variety of common tasks.