Data Governance Information

UH Data Governance Goals

Protect the privacy and security of “Protected Data” (all non-public data; includes Institutional Data and research data)

  • Produce higher quality data for informed decision making
  • Promote efficient use of resources
  • Increase transparency and accountability

EP 2.214 Data Classification Categories

Category Definition Examples
Public Access is not restricted and is subject to open records requests Student directory information, employee’s business contact info
Restricted1 Used for UH business only; will not be=distributed to external parties; released externally only under the terms of a written MOA or contract Student contact information, UH ID number
Sensitive1 Data subject to privacy considerations Date of birth, job applicant records, salary/payroll information, most student information
Regulated1 Inadvertent disclosure or inappropriate access requires a breach notification by law or is subject to financial fines FN or first initial/LN in combination with SSN, driver license number, or bank information; credit card, HIPAA, or financial aid information

Examples of Data / Information by Category


Student Data

  • Name
  • Major field of study
  • Class (i.e., freshman, sophomore, etc.)

Employee Data

  • Name
  • Job title, description
  • Business address, phone number
  • Education and training background
  • Previous work experience
  • Dates of first and last employment
  • Position number, type of appointment, service computation date, occupational group or class code, bargaining unit code


Student Data

  • UH email address/username
  • Address (street name and number)
  • Personal phone number

Student and Employee Data

  • UH ID number
  • Banner PIDM


Student Data

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Grades
  • Courses taken
  • GPA

Employee Data

  • Address (street name and number)
  • Personal phone number

Student and Employee Data

  • Date of birth
  • Non-UH email address
  • Job applicant records (names, transcripts, etc.)
  • Salary and payroll information


FN and first initial and LN with the following:

  • Social Security Number
  • Driver's license
  • Hawai‘i ID card number
  • Financial account info, credit / debit card numbers, etc.

Business/Financial Data

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) information

Protected Health Information (PHI)

  • Health status
  • Healthcare treatment
  • Healthcare payment

Financial Aid Data

  • FAFSA data

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