Frequently Asked Questions about the CMS

How Do I...

Create a Page

On the main CMS Administration page, look for the Create Page form.
This form contains three fields: Title, URL Stub, and Parent page. The URL Stub is the part of the URL after the site address. To create a directory, use a trailing '/' after the URL stub. Any pages that are not directories will have a trailing '.php' at the end of the page.

Create Page Form

URL Examples

Please Note Page names are Case Sensitive. Lowercase url stubs are highly recommended.

View All of my Pages

Follow the My Profile link at upper left-corner. At the bottom of this page, find a filterable list of the pages that you have permission to edit. The page title, with the next to it, will open the page for editing. The link with the URL stub and the next to it will view the page.

Resize or Crop an Image

The content managment system does not crop or resize your images. That should be done before you upload the files. Cropping and resizing photos is easy, when done using your computer or handheld device.

Here are some resources to help you edit images on your device:

There are also some online tools that allow you to crop or edit images.

  • Image Compressor
    Automatic image rotation and file size compression. Use this when your images are too large to upload to the CMS
  • Photo Editor
    Cropping and rotating tool. Allows cropping, flipping, and rotating of an uploaded image.
  • Online Image Resizer
    Resizing of images, transparency, changing image type.
    Supports uploading and resizing of multiple images. All images are made available in a .zip file after processing.

UH Hilo Image Editing Tools

Example Sidebar
Most pages use a shared sidebar, common to all of the pages in a folder. Find the name of your sidebar by editing a page, and select the 'Additional Information' tab. The name will be appear after [[INCLUDE and before the closing ]​].

Fragment Selector
Once you have the name of your fragment, go to the Fragments area of the CMS Admin. There is a button - Show only those I can edit, as well as a filter that will help you find the fragment to edit.