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Tuition and Fee Payments

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Tuition and fee payments can be made by

  • MyUH Services: Pay by MasterCard, VISA, or any credit card accepted by the Discover Network ( Discover, Diners, and JCB) pinless debit card or web check (checking or savings account). Registered students may sign up for an installment payment plan for the fall and spring terms. Log on to MyUH Services for more details. The payment plan is not available during the summer terms.

  • Mail: Make checks payable to "University of Hawaiʻi Hilo" and mail to: UH Hilo Cashier’s Office, 200 W. Kāwili St., Hilo, HI 96720. Mail payments must be received by the appropriate payment deadline. You should allow a minimum of 5 days for delivery prior to the deadline. Do not use Campus Mail. To ensure proper crediting to your account, write your UH number on the bottom left corner of the check.

  • In Person: Pay by cash, check, money order, or cashier's check at any campus cashier's office.

  • Parents and Other Authorized Users: If you have been set up as an Authorized User, you may logon to the Authorized User site with your email address and password provided to you.

  • International Bank Account: International students may originate tuition payments from a bank in their home country. Payments must be for the exact amount owed, and must be completed and processed by the bank no later than five (5) business days before the payment deadline.

EFT: The University of Hawaiʻi does not accept wire transfers or email payments from individual student.

Financial Aid Disbursements and Credit Balances

If you are a financial aid recipient and have processed and completed all necessary paperwork, the University will apply your financial aid towards your tuition and fees. Once your tuition and fees are paid, any credit balance will be direct deposited to your bank account if you have signed up for eRefund or a paper check, payable to the student, will be mailed to your mailing address on file in the student information system.

Financial aid is disbursed to student accounts no sooner than 10 days before the start of the semester.

The University of Hawaiʻi highly recommends you sign up for eRefund to avoid problems with lost checks due to outdated addresses and to save a trip to the bank. Use of eRefund means fewer paper checks and conservation of valuable resources.

Federal financial aid can only pay for eligible charges as determined by your home campus. Other forms of financial aid such as outside scholarships (Hawaiʻi Community Foundation, Kamehameha Schools, etc) are also disbursed through the student account and may pay for other charges.

Before any financial aid can be disbursed into your student account, you must meet all of the eligibility criteria for that aid. Your enrollment and credits hours are verified at the time of disbursements. Check with your home campus Financial Aid Office for specific information regarding your eligibility requirements.

Sponsored Student/Third Party Payments

If your tuition is being paid by a third party sponsoring agency (e.g., World Health Organization, East-West Center, Alu Like, Vocational Rehabilitation, U.S. Armed Forces Branch, State of Hawaiʻi Department of Education, etc), the Cashier's office must receive the letters of financial guarantee, purchase orders or authorization letters from your sponsor by the appropriate home campus payment deadline.

If you have questions or want to confirm that your sponsor has met University billing requirement, please call your home campus business office. If these deadlines cannot be met, you should pay for your own tuition and fees by your payment deadline. When the sponsor sends payment for the tuition and fees, the University Cashier's Office will process a refund.

If the third party sponsoring agency does not make payment for your tuition for any reason after being billed by the University, you will be responsible for paying any unpaid balances on your student account. Failure to do so will result in sanctions for outstanding financial obligations being imposed on your student account.

National Service Trust/Americorps Recipients

Access the AmeriCorps online payments system at their website, where you can create and submit an online request for your AmeriCorps Education Award benefits. AmeriCorps will send the request electronically to your selected campus financial aid office for processing. The financial aid office will certify your eligibility and submit the information to AmeriCorps. After AmeriCorps does the final approval, the funds will be sent electronically to the University. The request for payment should be made after you register but no later than 10 working days before your appropriate payment deadline.

U.S. Army Reserve Tuition Subsidy

The 9th RSC has received approval for the Pacific Reserve Education Program (PREP). Take your approved form DA2171 to any campus Cashier's Office by the appropriate payment deadline. You are responsible for paying any remaining tuition and fees not covered by PREP. Contact your Army Reserve unit commander for more information.

Veteran’s Benefits

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs approves applications and makes decisions about eligibility, payments and issuance of checks.

Each campus Veteran’s Affairs Certifying Official is responsible for certifying and monitoring veterans’ enrollment, academic progress, and other academic information. Visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website for more information.

Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33)

Chapter 33 payments for tuition and fees are paid directly to the University approximately six weeks after receiving certification from the campus VA Certifying Official.

Refunds due to changes in registration after the first day of the term will be sent to the student. Refunds due to non-attendance will be sent to VA. If funds are returned to the VA because you did not officially withdraw from the University, you will be responsible for all tuition and fee charges incurred.

University of Hawaiʻi campuses participate in the Yellow Ribbon program. Please check with the VA Certifying Official at your home campus for availability and eligibility.

Hawaiʻi National Guard Tuition Assistance

The Hawaiʻi National Guard Tuition Assistance Program is a reimbursement program. At the end of each semester, the National Guard will reimburse Guard members directly for tuition. Please contact your unit commanding officer for further information. Students are responsible for paying all tuition and fees to the Cashier's Office by the appropriate payment deadline.

UH Achievement Scholarship Recipients

If you are receiving a University of Hawaiʻi Achievement Scholarship, check with the college/department/office awarding the scholarship before you pay any tuition and fees. You are responsible to pay any remaining charges not covered by the scholarship. When awarded a scholarship, the awarding college/department/office will submit your information to the Financial Aid Office for disbursement. Once enrollment is verified and not earlier than 10 days before the start of the semester, your scholarship will be disbursed.

Employee Tuition Waivers

All University of Hawaiʻi employees, and spouses or domestic partners of employees in BU 07, 08, 86 and 87 who register for credit courses offered through any unit of the University of Hawaiʻi are exempt from the payment of tuition and fees up to a maximum of 6 credits in accordance with Board of Regents Policy 6-11.

More information is available at the UH System Office of Human Resources

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