Comparing Colleges and Submitting your Intent to Enroll

Comparing Colleges

Now that you are accepted it’s time to compare the different colleges and chose the one that’s right for you. There are many different factors in choosing the right school and they vary depending on individual preferences. UH Hilo encourages you to compare us with other colleges and then choose the school that’s right for you. Our academic programs, campus size, location and personality might be the perfect fit for you, while for others it may not be.

  • Part of the college decision process could be getting a dorm room on campus, so if this the case, you should definitely apply for student housing early. This way you can compare our room-and-board packages with other colleges.
  • The same thing applies for financial aid and scholarships. If you apply for financial aid you will know what financial aid and scholarships will be offered to you. You can then compare the offers – and the bottom line – for each college you are considering attending.

Submitting your Intent-to-Enroll

The national intent-to-enroll date is May 1st, but if you have made up your mind you can submit your intent at any time before or after this date.

Please note that if you are applying for financial aid you do not have to pay the $60 tuition deposit when you submit your intent.

When we receive your intent, a student record is created. This is important since this triggers a lot of important things to occur:

Intent to Enroll Form