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A person who wishes to take courses at UH Hilo but does not wish, or does not qualify, to enroll in a degree program, may apply for admission as a non-degree seeking, unclassified student. Some students may start off as a non-degree seeking student until they have earned 24 credits and are then eligible to apply for classified status in a degree program.


  • No application fee.
  • Transcripts are not required.
  • All courses completed as a non-degree student can be applied towards a degree once admitted into an academic program.


  • Class registration based on a space available after classified, degree seeking students, have registered.
  • Unclassified students do not qualify for Housing.
  • Financial aid is not available.
  • No faculty advisors.
  • International visa students and WUE students are not eligible for unclassified, non-degree status.
  • Students who are on academic dismissal or suspension do not qualify under this status.

Non-degree seeking student who wish to become classified students should contact the Admissions Office to discuss their options.