The Study Abroad Newsletter

The Midnight Sun

Rachel Sullivan
University of Bergen, Norway,
University of Bordeaux, Norway

Studying at the University of Bergen in Norway was a life changing experience for me. One of my favorite memories is from a trip I took in the summer with friends up to the Arctic Circle, to a chain of islands Lofoten. It took us a grueling 26-hour train ride from Bergen, followed by a 3-hour ferry ride to the islands. We went there in the early June, but the weather was still around 40 degrees at night! Even though I was freezing, the scenery was amazing; the nature was completely untouched, and the mountains and ocean looked picturesque.

Chain of islands called Lofoten

I also experienced the midnight sun: it was very weird to both go to bed and wake up during the sunlight. Everyday we were in Lofoten, it was an adventure: whether that be from walking two hours to get food at a small gas staion, to setting up camp near the only Viking chieftain house ever discovered. I went to Lofoten with many different Europeans and we had many great talks and laughs arounds campfires at night. After Lofoten, I became much closer to the people I went with and we are still in touch to this day. Anyone that can go abroad should never miss out pn the opportunity; it will really change your perspective on life, and you make amazing friends and memories. I will miss Norway and the year I spent will always remain as one of the best times of my life.