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Catching a Cab in Daegu!

Amy Ueunten
Kyungpook National University, South Korea

Kyungpook National University

I'll bet that there are more taxis in Daegu, South Korea than there are chickens on the whole island of Kauai. Practically everywhere we went in Daegu, there would be a line of taxis at the corner of an intersection or on just waiting on the side of the road. At times the taxi could be even cheaper than the bus depending on how many people were in your party and the distance you were traveling. the beginning fare on the taxi was 2200 won (which is about $2) and the price increased by a 100 won depending on the speed of the books.

National University to the train station was less than 5000 won.the taxi. To get from the Kyungpook cheap and convenient in my That's The only downside to the taxi would be the driver itself. I felt like I was going to die a few times in the Taxi. The drivers like to speed and weave in and out of traffic to get where they need to go. They are worse than the worse drivers here in Hawai'i. and rhat's saying something. No offense to any drivers here in Hawai'i. The taxi drivers would break hard and creep up on the red light so that as soon as it turns green they are already going. No such thing as defensive driving in their agenda. It's all about the offensive driving.

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