The Study Abroad Newsletter

By Jove!

Maria Karin Walczuk
University of Essex, England

By Jove! Cor Blimey! Bollocks and cheese!
I am here in England, with myself to please.
Queuing, accents, mince pies... cheer,
I ask myself, "Why the bloody hell have I not been, 'Here?!"

Truth be told, I do not want to leave,
And time goes too fast, which I cannot concieve.
It's like I am reborn as I see the seasons,
Now I recall autumn for all the right seasons.
The foliage with luminous color, the briskness of weather,
All combine to make me feel alive, like treasures of heather.

Surely Sherlock Holmes can understand the adventures I feel,
Which resemble Déjà vu of perpetual appeal.
Realms of creativity, inspiration, and wonder abound,
As I attend my lectures and courses which are quite profound.

There could not be a more satisfying treat,
than wandering around in England's minimal heat.
Because I find clarity, energy, and understanding,
Whilst I sit and watch the various birds migrate to a new landing.

I find that my life is taking a solid perfection,
With all the ebbs and flows of a quiet reflection,
There is so much to learn. absorb, and see,
And one must always enjoy the luxury of the afternoon tea.

I continue to explore the mysterious and unknown,
Especially because I am in a different time-zone.
But rest-assured my experiences are pure gifts,
As I fly past my mind's cliffs,
Onto new horizons, of which I am on.
There is more to my life; this is just my dawn.

There are secrets that England chooses to hold,
For now I am grateful; I know I have struck gold.