The Study Abroad Newsletter

An Unforgettable Experience

Jill Ann Nishida
Daito Bunka University, Japan

I left Hawaiʻi feeling excited and sad,
studying in Japan was a dream I always had.
Being bilingual and going back to my roots,
These were the things I wanted to do.
A whole year away from my boyfriend seemed tough,
Keeping busy made it less rough.
Each day in Japan was like a dollar being spent in many ways,
Studying, partying, and sight seeing was what I did on most days.
Some days were spent alone on one particular thing,
Others were spent with friends as we bounded like an endless ring.
A country on the opposite end of the Pacific Ocean,
Has its uniqueness of season change in slow motion.
The weather has taken effect on me,
The best cure for my coughs and sniffles was tea.
Being exposed to my target language was my advantage,
The many challenges that came with it were left for me to manage.