The Study Abroad Newsletter

A Cup of Tea!

Tabetha Zapata-Mitz

Psychology major
University of Birmingham, England

Student in front of red phone boxWhile England was a lovely place to live, I often found myself catching trains and planes to visit other countries in Europe. In the past six months, I’ve visited eight different countries (England, Scotland, Spain, Germany, Ireland, France, Netherlands and Italy!). The most memorable moments were those times where I was sharing a drink with friends,trying new foods, riding bikes, or simply watching a sunset. I loved the feeling of exploring a new place and facing all the little challenges that arise when in a different country.

As I packed up for England six months ago, I was uncertain about the adventure that I was about to embark on. However, as my time abroad now comes to a close, I can say I have learned more about myself and the world around me than I ever thought possible. Adjusting to British culture was a bit difficult at first, but I have come to appreciate the little things like unexpected rain, rounds of pints at the pub, dipping biscuits in tea, and saying “cheers” instead of “thank you”. Living in England has given me a new culture, experiences, and friendships that I will never forget.

Students standing in front of bikesOne of my favorite things I did in the UK was go on a weekend trip to Peak District National Park. Since I lived in the city, it was great to see the countryside of Britain. The park is actually so big that it’s in the center of four major cities in England. It was filled with many quaint little towns and the hike had stunning views of rolling hills and the valley. My friend and I actually got lost for a bit and found ourselves in random farms with cottage homes and cows and sheep following us around. It was definitely an adventure and made for a funny memory.