The Study Abroad Newsletter

Korea Adventures

Mary Noble

Chemistry Bio-Science major
Chung Ang University, South Korea

Students at Nami Island If I were to sum up my entire study abroad experience in one phrase, it would be "A dream that I do not want to wake up from." These past six months have nothing but a vacation with some learning. My life abroad seemed so surreal that I thought that the country that I was in was my home country. I am grateful to be able to participate in this program because not all students have the opportunity to live independently in another country. I'm also glad that I got to share this experience with my best friend, Shiella. With her by my side, I did not feel homesick because she made it feel like I was back home. We were able to share and recall past experiences and memories whenever we felt like we were felt a little homesick.

Students holding certificates The friends that I have made in this country are definitely the foundation of why this country has a piece in my heart. Coming here, I had very little knowledge of the Korean culture. Luckily with the scholarship that I have received from the institution that I attended, Chung Ang University, I was able to meet and make a lot of Korean friends. Through them, I was introduced to new experiences and various aspects of the Korean culture that only locals know about. An unforgettable memory that I have was going home with my friend for the weekend. I actually got to eat homemade Korean food! Everything tasted fresh and delicious, especially the kimchi. We sat on the floor and the table was filled with a lot of side dishes (banchan) and main dishes. I am very honored that my friend invited me over, because not everyone can experience that.

Students at Boryeong Mud Festival The friends that I have made from all over the world gave me a new perspective on life and of different cultural backgrounds. The friendships that have developed over these past six months are the type of friendships that I know will last for eternity. No matter how long the distance is, I know we will all reunite again and keep each and every one of us dearly in our hearts.