The Study Abroad Newsletter

Gracias Espana

Andrew Dawrs

Business Administration major
Universidad Carlos III Madrid, Spain

Student over looking riverThis photo was taken during my visit to Porto, Portugal. In addition to Porto, I also visited the cities of Braga and Guimaraes, which are located in Northern Portugal. I spent about three days in Porto exploring the old city and seeing all of its historic landmarks. After walking through countless unique cobblestone streets and hidden alleyways, I thought it was time to find a picturesque vantage point to capture one of Porto's most scenic views. While I was taking in the view, I had the pleasure of meeting a nice Spanish couple from Madrid, where I was studying at the time, and after having brief conversation with my limited Spanish skills, they took this photo for me. Behind me you can see the river, but what you don't see, which is located in front of me, is the giant medieval monastery located on top of the hill.

This photo was taken during a weekend trip I took to Barcelona, Spain. Behind me is Barcelona, but I am standing in front of some deserted military bunkers that are located on the foothills that overlook the entire city. The view at the top and journey to get there from was breathtaking. Walking from my hostel, which was a couple miles away, my adventure led me through some diverse neighborhoods that each had their own unique style. Part of my walk took me through the ancient streets of Barcelona's Gothic quarter and had me pass by La Sagrada Familia, among other notable landmarks. Along my journey, I made two German friends who were a bit lost and looking for a English Speaker in what was a very nontouristy neighborhood of the city. We proceeded to break quite a sweat while sharing stories and hiking up the steep hills to that led to the bunkers.

Student over looking Barcelona