The Study Abroad Newsletter

Greatest Accomplishment

Tiana Gillia
Semester at Sea, Worldwide

The study abroad program that I went on, was the Semester at Sea program, spring 2011. I chose this route for study abroad because I felt it would be the most beneficial traveling to multiple countries versus one, especially since I am the only person that is taking care of the financial aspect of the trip. The friends that I made during my semester at sea trip are going to be life long friends and I cherish them dearly, and wish they lived closer.

Tiana at Taj Mahal

An amazing point in the trip beside the whole trip itself was traveling to the Taj Mahal. The beauty of the structure just took my breath away when I first laid eyes on it. The story behind the construction of the Taj Mahal, was even more heart felt. It was just so unreal to be sitting there watching the sunset and the horizon fill with hues of pinks and oranges while sitting in front of the Taj Mahal! I will always cherish the moment I got to spend taking it all in at one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Tiana Gillia & Laura Long

Having my horizons broadened, I feel way more connected to the world. It's as though my conversations are of future travel and of the places that I visited. I feel confident when I can share my opinions of the countries that I visited, and disprove negative stereotypes of people or places. This experience is my greatest accomplishment yet, and I encourage anyone willing to take it on to go for it!