The Study Abroad Newsletter

Czech Experience

Serafina Gajate
Anglo American University, Czech Republic

Serafina at Žleby Castle in Prague In the Spring of 2011, I chose to study abroad at the Anglo American University in the Czech Republic. One of my favorite experiences was when I got to visit one of my classmates family with her in the Czech countryside. Not only did I get to tour some of the beautiful countryside and two gorgeous castle, with a girl who knew the area and the history, but I also got to experience a small town Czech fair. By far the best part of my weekend visit, however, was the fact that not only was my friends' family some of the nicest people I'd ever met while there, but they also frequently visited Maui for family vacations, and we all had a wonderful time talking about the islands. Because this trip happened near the end of the semester, I had been feeling a little homesick, and getting to visit my friends' family and share some of our favorite experiences in Hawaiʻi really made me feel like I was back home.