The Study Abroad Newsletter

Summer in Peru

Samantha Hanabaga
Castellano en Peru, Peru

My study abroad experience in Peru, was an inspiring and unforgettable experience. I have seen poverty like no other. I experienced living in the largest cities in South America. I walked in the trickling cold water of Chiclayo, Peru, and got to smell the potent Deep Sea winter turnover. I got to experience guinea pig, known as Chye, which is one of Peru’s main dish, along with Ceviche. This trip was enriched with life lessons, spectacular scenery, meeting all kinds of people, delicious food, and living in a Spanish speaking country. Coming from a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, to exploring the land of South America, I did experienced culture shock, but what held me together was the help of my group members; who all watched out for each other, because after all we were in this journey together.

Samantha with study abroad group in the Gamarra District