International Student Services

International Student Languages

The UH Hilo International Student Services program and International Student Association invite you to take a few minutes to learn some conversational words and phrases and information about the many languages our students speak.

Our students have created short (5-15 minute) videos introducing you to their language. This project recognizes the United Nations' upcoming International Decade of Indigenous Languages.

International Decade of Indigenous Languages

Mini language lessons are available on demand on the International Student Association YouTube channel. Learn Sonsorolese (spoken in Palau), Uchinaaguchi (spoken in Okinawa), Japanese, Swahili, Turkmen, Swedish, Kosraen, Mandarin, Nauruan, Serbian, Korean, Palauan, and Kapingamarangi (spoken in Pohnpei State, Micronesia)!

UH Hilo currently enrolls about 200 students from 37 countries. In addition to the diverse perspectives and backgrounds these students contribute to campus that enrich the educational experience for all, the financial contribution of international students to the State and Big Island was estimated at $185 million and $5.7 million, respectively, last year. Nationally, international students contributed an estimated $41 billion to the US economy last year.

Flag of Palau Sonsorolese (spoken in Palau)

Flag of Japan Japanese (spoken in Japanese)

Flag of the Federated States of Micronesia Kosraen (spoken in Kosrae, Micronesia)

Flag of Kenya Swahili (spoken in Kenya)

Flag of Sweden Swedish (spoken in Sweden)

Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmen (spoken in Turkmenistan)

Flag of Japan Uchinaaguchi (spoken in Okinawa)

Flag of Palau Palauan (spoken in Palau)

Flag of the People's Republic of China Mandarin (spoken in China)

Flag of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) Korean (spoken in South Korea)

Flag of Nauru Nauruan (Spoken in Nauru)

Flag of the Federated States of Micronesia Kapingamarangi (spoken in Pohnpei State, Micronesia)

Civil Flag of Serbia Serbian (spoken in Serbia)

Is your language missing?

Contact the International Student Services Director Jim Mellon if you are a UH Hilo student and would like to participate in this project.

International Decade of Indigenous Languages