International Student Services

Global Ambassadors Program

"Making a World of Difference"

The Global Ambassadors Program provides an opportunity for UH Hilo international students to serve as "cultural ambassadors" in the local community. They present cultural, sociological and economic impressions of their societies to Big Island schools and to community professional and civic organizations.

One objective of the program is to help eradicate stereotypical ideas about other countries around the world by having cultural ambassadors enlighten and educate people about the many cultures represented on the UH Hilo campus. Another objective is to give international students more contact with the local culture. By being exposed to Native Hawaiian, local and American culture (ideology, values, customs, etc.), our international students attain a better understanding of the Hawaiʻi and of the United States. For further information contact Jim Mellon, Director of International Student Services & Intercultural Education.

Apply to be a Global Ambassador today! (PDF)

See the Global Ambassador Program brochure (PDF).