Office of the Chancellor

Advisors to the Chancellor

Council of Vice Chancellors

The Council of Vice Chancellors is comprised of senior-level executives who report directly to the chancellor.

Faculty Congress

The UH Hilo Faculty Congress speaks for the faculty on academic matters of concern to more than one unit.

Chancellor’s Executive Council

The Chancellor’s Executive Council is a broad based group of campus leaders: vice chancellors, deans, associate deans, division chairs, directors of major units, and the Faculty Congress chair. The group meets monthly to share information about their units and provide input to the chancellor on major issues affecting the university.

Long Range Budget Planning Committee

Membership in the Long Range Budget Planning Committee includes the vice chancellors for administrative, academic and student affairs as well as representatives from their units, the Faculty Congress, the Chancellor’s Office, University Relations and the Student Association. The committee provides broad input to the Chancellor and Chancellor’s Staff regarding budget criteria, strategies for obtaining additional university budget resources, long range strategic planning for budget, and suggestions for methods of budget communication.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee provides broad input on ways to save on energy costs and have more sustainable practices on campus.

Hanakahi Council

The Hanakahi Council is comprised of Native Hawaiian faculty, staff and students at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. The council advises the chancellor on Hawaiian issues.

Student Success Leadership Team

Composed of decision-makers and key representatives from Academic Affairs, Administrative Affairs, Student Affairs, and University Relations, the Student Success Leadership Team is charged with improving UH Hilo’s enrollment planning and management. Discussions and actions focus on enhancing the recruitment, retention, and graduation of students. The overall goal is to do so in a purposeful, coordinated manner that aligns initiatives and outcomes with UH Hilo’s mission and campus strategic plan, as well as with the UH System’s strategic goals and performance measures.

Maunakea Advisory Committee

The Maunakea Advisory Committee advises the chancellor on campus-specific matters and initiatives specifically related to Maunakea that complement the roles of the UH Board of Regents and UH System, the Office of Maunakea Management, the Maunakea Management Board, ʻlmiloa Astronomy Education Center, and other entities whose mission and/or specific responsibilities include the stewardship of Maunakea's cultural, natural, educational and scientific resources.

Maunakea Management Board

The Maunakea Management Board is appointed by the UH Board of Regents to guide the operations of the UH Office of Maunakea Management and to advise the chancellor. The mission of OMKM is to “Achieve harmony, balance and trust in the sustainable management and stewardship of the Maunakea Science Reserve through community involvement and programs that protect, preserve and enhance the natural, cultural and recreational resources of Maunakea while providing a world-class center dedicated to education, research and astronomy.”

Kahu Ku Mauna Council

The nine-member Kahu Ku Mauna Council advises the Maunakea Management Board, the Office of Maunakea Management, and the chancellor on Hawaiian cultural matters affecting the Maunakea Science Reserve.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee assesses faculty and staff professional development interests and needs; plans and implements activities for the current academic year in support of faculty and staff development; makes recommendation for activities in subsequent years; develops guidelines for the distribution of funds allocated for faculty and staff professional development; allocates funds for proposed faculty and staff development activities; and reviews and evaluates the effectiveness of faculty and staff development activities.

Committee on Access

The Committee on Access provides advice, consultation and recommendations to the chancellor and his senior leadership team regarding campus planning related to compliance with federal accessibility standards, including the prioritizing of accessibility improvements of facilities to meet those requirements; serves as a venue for facilitating campus-wide discussion of policies, procedures, programs, facilities, and other matters that assure the full inclusion of people with disabilities into our diverse campus community; serves to review matters related to disability access and shall make recommendation to the chancellor and his senior leadership team on its findings; and shall liaison with Hawaiʻi Community College on accessibility matters as appropriate.

Committee for Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Committee for Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion provides recommendations and strategies for improving the campus climate for diversity, equity, and inclusion.