Department of Mathematics

The Mathematics program is designed to give the undergraduate a broad background in modern mathematics and its applications. The upper-division mathematics courses represent a core leading to further work in mathematics or mathematically related areas or careers in mathematics education. Applications may be pursued in such areas as systems theory, graph theory, number theory, statistics, and geometry, which are widely used in computer science, business, and the physical, life, and social sciences. Students majoring in other fields whose interests require a strong background in mathematics can minor in mathematics.

Degree Requirements

See undergraduate education in the UH Hilo Catalog for a detailed listing of the:


  • Baker, Rachel , Lecturer, Mathematics
  • Bernstein, Erica , Instructor, Mathematics, University of Maryland College Park
  • Figueroa-Centeno, Ramón , Associate Professor, Mathematics, Western Michigan University
  • Ivanova, , Professor, Mathematics, University of Tsukuba, Japan
  • Lazarevic, Zorana , Instructor, Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Li, Shuguang , Professor, Mathematics, University of Georgia
  • Pelayo, Roberto, Associate Professor, Mathematics, California Institute of Technology
  • Rahman, Zinat , Instructor, Mathematics
  • Ruiz, Efren , Chair & Professor, Mathematics, University of Oregon
  • Tresham, Aaron , Instructor, Mathematics
  • Webb, Diana, Lecturer, Mathematics
  • Weyenberg, Grady , Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Wissman, Brian , Associate Professor, Mathematics, University of California, Davis

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