Pacific Internship Programs for Exploring Science (PIPES)

Program Eligibility

Updated eligibility requirements for 2021 (posted 01/13/2021):

Due to COVID-19 concerns, we have decided to limit our program to only match interns with internships on the island where they have housing. This could be with family or friends, but regardless, PIPES will NOT be coordinating or providing housing accommodations on any island. If you need to update your application, please contact us at

Updated eligibility requirements for 2021 (posted 11/17/2020):

In response to COVID-19, our program has suspended our acceptance of applicants from outside of Hawai╩╗i. Only students from Hawai╩╗i or currently residing in Hawai╩╗i will be eligible to participate in our 2021 summer program.

Additionally, given the current COVID-19 situation, we are planning to run a modified program focused on hybrid (remote and in-person) internship opportunities, as allowed by national, state and county orders and University guidelines.

To qualify for PIPES you must be

  • an undergraduate student (Note: for REU, students must be continuing in the Fall after the internship);
  • a U.S. citizen, national or permanent resident;
  • be in good academic standing (have at minimum an overall GPA of 2.0); and
  • interested in pursuing a career related to conservation research, natural resource management and environmental education

Those with any of the following are particularly encouraged to apply

  • first generation college students (neither parent has a bachelor's degree)
  • students of Hawaiian ancestry
  • students from Micronesia and American Samoa
  • kama╩╗─üina students who have graduated from a high school in Hawai╩╗i
  • students with demonstrated interest in working collaboratively with communities
  • students with a strong connection to place and interest in giving back to that place
  • students with minimal research experience and attends a school with limited research opportunities
  • students attending two-year colleges who plan to attend a four-year institution following the internship

Note: Students who have graduated within six months of the program start date may also apply. Preference will be given to candidates who plan to pursue a career in Hawai╩╗i and who have a strong dedication to Hawai╩╗i culture and environment.