Pacific Internship Programs for Exploring Science (PIPES)

Pacific Internship Programs for Exploring Science

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Our Mission

Growing the next generation of aloha ʻāina leaders in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific through transformative place-based internships, mentorship, innovative programming, and strategic partnerships.

Illustration of progression between 4 pillars of the Moʻo ʻĀina framework -  Naʻau, ʻĀina, Kaiāulu, and KaʻaoThe PIPES Moʻo ʻĀina Framework is a placed based capacity building framework that follow 4 values and relationships of Hawaiʻi. (Naʻau, ʻĀina, Kaiāulu, and Kaʻao)

The PIPES Program

PIPES houses four transformative pathway programs: Naʻau (Ancestral Pathway Program), ʻĀina (Ecological Pathway Program), Kaiāulu (Community Pathway Program), and Kaʻao (Research Pathway Program) that focus on cultivating the longitudinal capacity of the next generation of aloha ʻāina leaders in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific through internships and mentorships that impact academic and career pathways, workforce development, and thriving communities.

Naʻau (Ancestral Pathways Program):

The Ancestral Pathways Program provides specific projects to reconnect interns with their ancestral places and/or practices. These interns are highly selected with the intent of perpetuating generational knowledge. Projects may vary from building a cultural practice, analyzing ethnographic information, or entering an apprenticeship in place-based knowledge.

ʻĀina (Ecological Pathways Program):

The Ecological Pathways Program is designed for “boots on the ground and fins in the water” projects where interns are engaged in the preservation, restoration, and management of ecological spaces. This may entail invasive species eradication, native out-planting, or marine/terrestrial surveys and monitoring.

Kaiāulu (Community Pathways Program):

The Community Pathways Program are community driven projects where interns can play a meaningful role in resource management plans, outreach, education, and/or advocacy. Projects will be working with community members in implementing sustainable management plans, evaluating existing outreach models, assisting in data management, or potentially working across organizations through a PIPES Internship Hub.

Kaʻao (Research Pathways Program):

The Research Pathways Program are research-heavy projects that emphasize indigenous data science, bio-cultural research, quantitative/qualitative data collection and analysis. This might entail the intern formulating a research project from scratch, performing appropriate protocols for handling data, or carrying out a portion of an existing project.

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