Cashier’s Office

Accounts Receivables / Collections

Returned Checks

Checks tendered to the University of Hawaiʻi or any department therein, and returned to the maker's bank for any reason will result in a $25.00 charge and a Hold will be placed on your student account. Do Not issue a Stop Payment on checks. A stop payment on a check is considered a returned check and is not acknowledged as an official drop from courses or withdrawal from the University.

The University reserves the right to no longer accept check payments for a student account that has had three (3) or more checks returned for any reason.


It is the policy of the University of Hawaii that a student not be allowed to register for a subsequent semester until all past due financial obligations are paid. An unpaid delinquent account balance will result in placement of a hold on the student’s record and may also result in the cancellation of the student’s registration.

The University may not furnish transcripts or diplomas to students who have unpaid financial obligations. Any delinquent account may be referred to the State Tax department for tax setoff, referred to a collection agency or a credit bureau.

By registering for classes, students indicate that they are accepting financial responsibility for payment of charges for educational services. These may include but are not limited to tuition, student activity fees, course and other registration fees, room, meal plans and collection costs that the University of Hawaii incurs in the collection of unpaid balances.

Financial Obligations

All students are expected to meet their financial obligations when due. These obligations include charges for tuition and fees, student loans, library fines, restitution for damaged items borrowed from the University and service charges for dishonored checks. Students who fail to remit payments when due will be subject to the rules and regulations governing delinquent obligations that have been adopted by the University of Hawaiʻi. An obligation incurred at one campus of the University of Hawaiʻi system will affect a student's standing at all other campuses.

The University reserves the right to impose sanctions such as denial of further registration, cancellation of registration, withdrawal of services and withholding of documents such as transcripts and diplomas, notation of the financial obligation on outgoing transcripts, as well as cessation of all rights and privileges which were conferred by the act of registration at all campuses.