Institutional Accreditation

Special Visit Report to WASC - January 2008

Download the Special Visit Report to WASC, January 2008 (Word file).

A. Required Attachments to Report

  1. Organizational Chart Showing Major Units Only (PDF)
  2. Required Data Displays (Word file)
  3. Budget for FY 2008 (PDF)
  4. 2007 Annual Report to the Commission (PDF)
  5. 2007-2008 University Catalog
  6. Most Recent Financial Statement and Audit:
  7. Complete UH Hilo Organizational Chart:

B. Supporting Materials

Links to these files have been disabled as they are outdated; however, originals are available for perusal at the UH Mookini Library Hawaiian Collection.

UH Hilo Strategic Plan 2002-2010 website (Link)

  1. Commission Action Letter to UH Hilo, June 2004 (PDF)
  2. WASC Site Team Report on UH Hilo, May 2004 (Word file)
  3. UH System "Outcomes and Performance Measures 2008-2015" January 2008
  4. NSF Letter regarding Vice Chancellor for Research Position (Word file)
  5. Faculty Congress Charter
  6. CAFNRM Senate Charter
  7. CAS Senate Charter (Word file)
  8. CoBE Senate Charter (Word file)
  9. Report of the Chancellor's Committee on the Diversification of the Faculty and Staff (Word file)
  10. UH Hilo Assessment Plan (Word file)
  11. 2006-2007 Assessment Projects Funded by the VCAA (Word file)
  12. 2007-2008 Congress Assessment Project (Word file)
  13. 2007-2007 GE Proposal (Word file)
  14. Institutional Researcher: Retention Tables (Word file)
  15. Inventory of Current First Year Activities (Word file)
  16. Office of Student Affairs Selected Accomplishments 2000-2007 (Word file)
  17. Program Review Guidelines Revision Approved by Congress 2006 (PDF)
  18. Program Review: Guidelines for External Review Approved by Congress 2006 (Word file)
  19. Program Review Schedule 2002-2008 (Word file)
  20. Update on UH Hilo Strategic Plan: Performance Indicators Spring 2007 (PDF)
  21. CoP Revised Curriculum (in Excel)
  22. CoP Planned Assessment Activities (Word file)
  23. CoP Student Learning Outcomes (Word file)
  24. 2007-2008 Faculty Handbook (Word file)
  25. UH Hilo Mookini Library Policy on Archiving (Word file)