The Study Abroad Newsletter

Adventure Awaits

Nick Rosenberg

Computer Science major
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

aerial of beach

I sort-of studied computer science at Victoria University of Wellington. I say sort-of because I didn't come to New Zealand for computer science. No, I came for adventure. I had always known New Zealand to be a land of dramatic scenery, perpetual wind and very cold surf. And if everything else was wrong about my assumptions about the place, I at least got those very right.

All throughout my time abroad, I tried my best to fix my surfing bug. I bought a board, and somehow acquired a brand new wet-suit for free through the kayak club. My ultimate dream was to surf Raglan, and along the way I traveled from tip to tip of the North Island, hitting up surf spots, and truly only chasing less than ideal conditions. After all that travel, I ended up surfing the most at Lyall Bay, a beach break by the Wellington Airport. I got hypothermia on numerous occasions, almost got swept out to sea, and surely pissed off all my non-surfer traveler.

overlooking ocean

walking beach