The Study Abroad Newsletter

South Korea Adventure

Melanie Ebreo | Business Administration Major - Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea

Mud Festival What I enjoyed the most about my time abroad was the opportunity I had to just get lost and explore what South Korea had to offer. I appreciated the events and field trips that the school had organized for us in advance, but I had the best moments when adventuring out with friends and stumbling upon beautiful sights and locations along the way. So much of studying abroad involves being placed in situations where you have no context, no background, and no idea of what is socially acceptable. Being in a country completely different from my own allowed me to become more confident in myself and my abilities.

One of the most memorable moments would have to be the Boryeong Mud Festival. The festival took place at Daecheon Beach, which boasts white sand, crystal-clear sea water and a 3.5 km shoreline. It wasn’t no beach in Hawaii, but it was definitely a nice and friendly reminder of home. I got to participate in some of the mud activities which ended with me being covered in mud from head to toe, with mud in my eyes, ears, everywhere! At the end of the day we also got to experience a mini concert at the festival.