The Study Abroad Newsletter

Korea has my Heart and Seoul Forever

Kiana Kapuamelia Ui Like Ole Kamala

Linguistics major
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea

Seoul at Night During my time studying abroad, Namsan Seoul Tower was the place where I experienced the most relaxation and peacefulness. Getting to the tower requires much physical ability, however the view was definitely worth the trip. I actually took two trips up to the tower, one in the day time and one in the night time. Out of both, I would say that the night time trip was my favorite. The view at night with all the city lights was so breathtaking, especially with the tower in the background, which lit up according to the air quality. I thought it was very efficient, using the tower to serve two purposes. Along with the view, there were the famous love locks which surrounded most of that area. Over thousands of couples, families, and friends have left a love lock there for memories. Fortunately, I got to leave a lock with other fellow UH Hilo students to leave our Hawaiʻi mark.

A live Museum in Insadong were one of the events that I had stumbled upon with fellow UH Hilo students as we read some information tourist pamphlets for things to do in Seoul, South Korea. This experience was interesting, because museums are usually not that interactional. In this case, this museum had many life-sized paintings which always include participation from anyone who visits. I got the chance to create some of my own unique artwork with most of the paintings at the museum. There were lots of educational and historical paintings, such as Barack Obama at a conference or the famous kissing scene from the original movie, Spiderman. In the photo that I provided, it gives the illusion that I am falling into a cappuccino.