Resources for LGBTQ+ Students and Allies

LGBTQ+ Resources

On this page you’ll find resources that are helpful for navigating a wide array of topics, check out our table of contents to quickly find what you’re looking for!

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Campus Resources

Community Resources

Asexual Resources

  • Asexuality Orientation Guide Deck
    • Pictured on the right is an example of an orientation guide for Asexuality using suits from a deck of cards to help represent some of the Ace Spectrum such as Aromantic, Alloromantic, Demi/Gray/Grey sexuality, and more!
  • Ace Chat
    • "Ace Chat is devoted to sharing stories. Specifically, we aim to highlight a-spec experiences in order to destigmatize the labels, broaden understanding, and show others they aren't alone."
  • Ace Couple Podcast
    • "Asexual married couple Courtney and Royce talk about all things Asexuality. By discussing queer culture and history, we'll explore the topics of life, love, and sex through an Ace lens."
  • Sounds Fake But Okay
    • "A podcast where an aromantic asexual girl and a demisexual girl talk about all things to do with love, relationships, sexuality, and pretty much anything else that they just don't understand."
  • Introduction to Asexual Identities and Resource Guide
  • Asexuality Reddit
    • A safe space blog for those who want to discuss and post about Asexuality.

Bisexual Resources

Black History Resources

General Resources

Human Rights Resources

Intersectional Feminism Resources

Intersex Resources

What It's Like To Be Intersex.

UN Free & Equal: Intersex Awareness

Lesbian Resources

LGBTQ+ Sports & Athletics Resources
Worldwide alliance of gay outdoor clubs, covering hiking, camping, swimming, and more
News, commentary, features, member profiles, photo galleries, and discussion boards for sports fans and athletes place for gay athletes

Mahu / Gender Fluid Resources

Kapaemahu (PBS) - A short film about Kapaemahu, who came to Hawaii with three others, and the significance of the four great stones in Waikiki with their mana.

  • A Cultural Understanding of Māhū (Aloha Authentic Special):
    • “People tend to focus on the physical aspect. They focus on a man sleeping with a man, or a woman sleeping with a woman...but that is rather shallow in terms of how we acknowledge the person. Their mindset, their heart set, their emotions, their spirit, and who they are. And so as kanaka, we are clear about these things. We know that there’s a wonderful space, an in-between, to exist in.”
  • A Place in the Middle (Resource Site):
    • A website featuring stories of those from the mahu community and resources on allyship for those who are of gender fluid identities within their own culture

National Organizations

National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Resources

Native American Heritage Resources

How Colonialism Killed My Culture’s Gender Fluidity - a video describing diverse gender identities in different cultures and the effect of colonialism.

Racial Healing and Equity Resources

Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs)

  • TROs - Info for victims and witnesses

Transgender Resources

Straight Ally Resources