Resources for LGBTQ+ Students and Allies

LGBTQ+ Health

Getting the help you need can be tough at times. Here's a list of health resources that provide good information on how, where, and when to get help!

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Campus Health Resources

General Health Resources

HIV/AIDS Resources

Mental Health & Counseling Resources

Menstrual Equity Resources

Free menstrual products are located in the Student Support Services Building, Room E-213.

Parenthood Resources

Reproductive Health Resources

  • Reproductive Justice:
    • Reproductive Rights and Justice | National Organization for Women
    • "NOW is working toward accessible reproductive health care for all women and LGBTQIA+ people. NOW fully supports safe and legal abortion, affordable and effective birth control and other contraception, medication abortion, telemedicine for reproductive care, and reproductive health education for all. We fiercely oppose attempts to restrict reproductive freedom through underhanded legislation and regulations."