Financial Aid

Revising your Financial Aid

Your financial aid award is based on your enrollment status.  Should you enroll in fewer hours than what your award was based on, this may result in a reduction of your aid.  A financial aid staff member should be consulted before dropping any courses to discuss how the change will affect your financial aid award and/or your satisfactory academic progress.  Also, a change in your housing status could change your cost of attendance budget and consequently reduce your financial aid award.  If financial aid funds have already been paid to you and your award is reduced or revised as a result of reduced hours or a change in housing status, you may be required to repay all or part of your financial aid award.  The University will not be able to disburse any additional financial aid, process transcript requests or allow you to register until all financial aid obligations have been cleared. 

You may request to have your financial aid award revised if your family’s financial circumstances change.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office to see if you may be eligible for this revision and for the proper procedures to follow.