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Financial Aid Forms

2018 - 2019 Aid Year

2018 Summer Session

You must complete this application to apply for the Federal Pell Grant, Pacific Islander Scholarship and/or Direct or Private Loans for the 2018 Summer Session. For financial aid purposes, the Summer Session is treated as a trailer to the 2017-2018 Academic Year. This means that your aid eligibility is determined by the information on your 2017-2018 FAFSA as well as the amounts of aid you received (if any) during the previous Fall and Spring semesters. Some awards may require that you maintain a minimum of half time enrollment (UG = 6 credits, GR = 3 credits) throughout the entire Summer Session.

Once the Summer Session has started, your course schedule will be monitored on a weekly basis and your awards and disbursement dates will be adjusted accordingly. You are not eligible to receive aid for courses that you drop, withdraw, or repeat more than once after previously earning a passing grade. Non-attendance and complete withdrawal will reduce your aid eligibility. We suggest you check with our office before making any changes to your schedule to determine the impact to your awards.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that in some cases, receiving a Pell Grant in the Summer could reduce your Pell Grant in the following Fall or Spring terms. Also, disbursement dates and amounts will vary based on your class schedule and will begin NO EARLIER than May 16, 2018. Loans will not be disbursed until 8-10 days before the start of your 6th credit (3rd for graduate students).

2018 Summer Session Application for Financial Aid

2017 - 2018 Aid Year

Loan Exit Forms

Concurrent Enrollment

Effective Fall 2015, you will be required to maintain at least six (6) credit hours of enrollment at UH Hilo during the Fall/Spring terms (at least three (3) during the Summer term) in order to be eligible for a Prior Authorization for Transfer Credit for Financial Aid.