National Student Exchange

Outgoing Students

You may participate in the program for up to one academic year at the same campus, or you can attend one school in one semester and another campus in the next semester. Students on exchange for one term may also "extend" their exchange to a second term with permission of both campuses. There are options for everyone.

The Application Process

  1. Before you apply, you will need to schedule an in person or virtual info session with the NSE Coordinator. View contact information
  2. For more information on participating campuses, check out the main NSE website here
  3. After meeting with the coordinator, and you are ready to apply, Apply for NSE.
  4. The priority deadline every year is the end of February. If you want to be included for the March placement for fall and/or spring of the next academic year, you need to apply before then. You can apply after the priority date, however, your first choice campus may not be available.