National Student Exchange



Application Fee A non-refundable $190 application fee is charged to all NSE applicants at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. The fee is used to support the operation of the NSE program, including services provided to you before and/or after your exchange. Please be sure you are serious about NSE when you apply.

Tuition and fees
There are two tuition plans available through NSE:

  • Home Pay UH Hilo students pay their normal tuition and fees to UH Hilo. Students pay full-time resident rate tuition and fees. If you pay WUE or out-of-state tuition, please talk to your NSE coordinator.

  • Host Pay UH Hilo students pay in-state (resident) tuition and fees at their host NSE campus. Students placed on this payment are not billed tuition by UH Hilo. Host Pay tuition rates for each NSE school are listed in the tab under Partner Schools.

Other Fees/Expenses
Housing and meals are always paid to the host campus unless you live off-campus, then you are responsible for those costs. Also paid to the host campus, regardless of the tuition payment plan, are fees assessed as a condition of enrollment (application, lab, art supplies etc). You are also responsible for transportation to the host campus and back as well as other personal expenses that can accrue.

Financial Aid

  • Students on home pay apply for and receive aid from the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. Apply to the FAFSA as usual. Financial aid is not available through the host-campus for students on home pay. NCAA scholarship and Work Study funding cannot be applied. Some scholarships may apply. Please see your NSE coordinator and Financial Aid office for more information.

  • Students on host pay receive financial aid funding thru their host campus. You must remember to enter the host school's FAFSA code on the FAFSA application. FAFSA codes for all NSE campuses can be found in the NSE campus directory website.