Sustainability at UH Hilo

Sustainability Course Designation

Sustainabilty Designation

Goals of the S Designation

  • Students with an interest in sustainability will have a way to navigate through existing Gen Ed requirements, without adding any new requirements, using the S Designation as a guide. The designation makes existing course offerings more visible.
  • The S designation can also be applied in CTE courses; the S Designation provides an entry pointand connection with general education courses. S Des courses may be desirable preparation for some CTE fields.
  • The S designation ensures coherent integration of Sustainability Across the Curriculum,including place-based, real-world problem solving and appropriate active pedagogies.
  • The S designation provides a benchmark and method of “counting” curriculum for strategicplanning, campus sustainability plans, and climate action plan documentation.
  • The S designation provides grounding for 2 to 4 year pathways with a concentration inSustainability.
  • The S designation provides students and faculty with common vocabulary that enables a clearstatement of the problems encountered in the study of sustainability.
  • The S Designation process supports campus work in context, relevant to localized issues,resources, and campus cultures.
  • The S Designation has systemwide coherence, but is ultimately unique to each campus.

The S Designation is a strategy to implement EP 4.202 System Sustainability Policy, and it is recommended that all faculty familiarize themselves with the goals of this policy as they relate to curriculum, research, teaching & learning, culture, and community engagement.

For More Information

Please contact Chris Knudson , for additional information on the S-Designation Program.