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Here's To The End Of An Amazing Life Changing Experience

Lilia Anderson-Murray

Marine Science major

James Cook University, Australia

group photo on the lawn

group photo on the dirt

My name is Lilia Anderson-Murray & for the past semester I have been studying at James Cook University in Townsville Australia! I am a marine science major but while at JCU, I have been taking history & social science classes. At the beginning of my journey I was of course nervous but I was also super excited to make new friends & travel to new places. Since day one, my experiences have been nothing less of that. I have made so many new friends that I have had so many amazing memories with & have gone to so many amazing places. From all of the zoos, bungee jumping, sky diving, beach & river days, nights out at town, & even the car rides & random conversations, all of it has been absolutely amazing & memories that I will never forget.

Over all, I think my most memorable event that has happened while I have been abroad is meeting all of the people I have met and making friends that have made a huge impact on my life. The second I stepped foot on college and all throughout the semester I was greeted by friendly smiles & everyone saying hello. Everyone had already known each other & it was obvious that I was the new kid on the block. All semester I was blessed to make amazing friends who always looked after me, supported me, & were my second family. Without them I would not have had the experience I have had. None of these people knew who I was yet they were there to help me with anything I needed, support me with school & non-school related things, show me around, & to make sure I was having the time of my life. They accepted me as one of their own and that helped me adjust to being in a new culture & away from home. A lot of the internationals avoided making friends with the Australians but making friends with the Australians has hands down been the best thing that has happened to me this semester. It is safe to say that these people will be people that I will never forget & will be life long friends.