The Study Abroad Newsletter

An Amazing New Zealand Experience

Robin Rudolph
University of Victoria, New Zealand

I can't believe my time here in New Zealand is coming to an end. It has been an amazing 4 months to study at Victoria University of Wellington. Before studying abroad I thought that the transition out here would be the hard part, but it turns out getting ready to leave this place and transition home is even harder. I met some amazing people here in New Zealand some of which I will probably know the rest of my life.

Robin Rudolph and his friend Despite university being more difficult than UH Hilo I still had time to get out an see the country. Over a long weekend my 4 roommates and I rented a camper van and traveled around the north island. My two favorite places we visited were the Waitomo glow worm caves, where we tubbed through caves looking at glow worms, and Tongariro National Park. I had such amazing roommates and that really helped add to the experience out here. We were all international students so it made it easy for us to relate on the new experiences we were having.

I am so happy I chose to study abroad in New Zealand and would have never imagined what a life changing experience it would be. I have memories I will cherish forever and can't believe what an influential experience it has been.