The Study Abroad Newsletter

Life in Tokyo

Angelo Davis
Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan

I am studying at Tokyo Gakugei University in Japan. In over the past 4 months I have learned a lot in my studies and about the country itself. My experience so far has immensely passed what I imagined it would be. I got to visit lots of famous areas of Tokyo that you would see in television shows, Anime, or videos on the Internet about Japan. I also made lots of new friends with Japanese and other international students at my university. The university life here is completely different, but I managed to adapt even with a few surprises along the way. Overall I am glad I decided to stay abroad for a year.

Japanese students smile for a photo

I try to take whatever opportunities my university has available to interact with other students. One of my memorable experiences was a hiking trip to Mount Takao located in outer Tokyo. I have seen the mountain on the NHK network on Television before. About 2.7 million people per year visit the mountain. I got to hike it with Japanese and other international students. I made lots of new friends that day and got a chance to practice my Japanese with other native speakers. Generally I find to make the most out of my stay, it is best to take advantage of any opportunities that come my way. Whether or not it is by the university or if I am invited out by new friends that I have recently made.

Angelo Davis with group