The Study Abroad Newsletter

My Weird Friends

Krystle Koshiyama
University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa Japan

Kyrstle and her friends dressed up in costume My name is Krystle Koshiyama. For a year I studied abroad in Okinawa, Japan at the University of the Ryukyus. I chose Okinawa because the culture is so interesting and heard that the people were so nice and caring. When I arrived, I found this to be true. Before I left I was so nervous about not being able to make any friends, because I am kind of a weird person. My major is art, so I decided to check out the Art Club at Ryudai. Almost all of my really good friends were from this club. Everyone in Ryudai’s Art Club are so weird and I was able to blend in seamlessly.

I was able to make so many memories with my friends. One of the most recent and most fun was when we went to Hagoromo Matsuri. I have always wanted to wear a yukata in public. At this matsuri I was able to with my friend! We all had such a good time eating so much food, talking and laughing. We wore weird masks and danced in the huge field where everyone could see us. My friends are so crazy, every time I see them I laugh so hard to where my stomach hurts. Even though my Japanese skills were low, my friends and I were still able to communicate, have fun and create memories that we will remember forever. I love my weird friends and I cannot wait to see them again.

Thank you so much Okinawa, for the wonderful experience! ! ! !