UH Hilo Women’s Center


There are many resources in the community as well as on campus that can help you with a number of different issues.

Campus Resources

Campus Security

Contact Security Office 24/7:

  • Off-Campus: (808) 974-7911
  • On-Campus 7911

Location: University Classroom Building (UCB), room 151

Lactation room can be found in Campus Center room 310

Community Resources

Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs)

  • TROs - Info for victims and witnesses

Child and Family Services

Child and Family Services for those in need, including abused children and spouses, at-risk teenagers, children diagnosed with autism, employee assistance, elder care, refugee and immigrant services, and children in need of foster home and adoption placements.

  • Domestic Violence - Support groups for individuals who are experience emotional, psychological and/or sexual abuse in intimate relationships. Domestic violence interventions services for individuals who use physical, emotional, psychological and/ or sexual abuse in intimate relationships.
  • Child Care - PATCH is here to help find and get referrals for child care service providers, as well as help educate the community about the needs of families and the services available here. They also assist in the professional development of care givers through training and proving important data and statistics.
  • Child & Family Services - CFS is dedicated to strengthening families and fostering healthy child development through a number of programs designed specific to the individual family needs.
  • Domestic Violence Advocacy (DVA) - Services is designed to provide a range of supportive services to help individuals involved in domestic abuse situations to become self sufficient. Eligible TANF recipients can claim a Domestic Violence Exemption through DVA services that will exempt the household from the five-year time limit, 20% grand reduction and the work requirements of the First-to-Work program for a period of six months.
  • Domestic Abuse Shelter (Hale Ohana) - Provides a safe haven for abused partners and their children. It is a time-out period for abused partners to learn about the dynamics of domestic violence, the cycle of abuse and how to develop a “safety plan”. It is also a time for learning about and making choices; discovering that they are not at fault for the abuse; building self-esteem and learning self-empowerment.
    • Crisis Hotline - (808) 959-8864
    • Phoneline Available 24/7